Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pain Without Trace

Gepey, a young Tibetan musician from Ngaba, Amdo in northeastern Tibet, was arrested on 24 May 2014 by the Chinese security personnel from Barkham soon after a concert organized by a group of Tibetans in the area.

Here is my rather rough translation of one of the ten songs from his album released in 2012.

Pain Without Trace

On top of the Potala Palace
Five-starred red flag is hoisted
The heart of my faraway brother
Is drowned in tears of sorrow,
Trishor Gyalmo, the sacred lake
Is frozen in the three winter months
Swans of the lake's north side
Have flown away into the realm of peace,
The greedy and scheming enemy
Has taken over the Tibetan land
Causing fresh wounds in the
Hearts of all our people,
The shameless robbers have
Stolen our fathers' inheritance
Turning the hearts of a powerless people
Colder than waters of the great rivers ...

Like most of the arrested Tibetan artistes, Gepey is accused having political contents in his music. His whereabouts is unknown.

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