Monday 13 December 2010


(This is an appeal by a group of university students from Tibet. Translated by Bhuchung D. Sonam.)

The election for the prime minister of the exile Tibetan Government, which represents the six million Tibetans, is a crucial event at a time when the exile Tibetan community has been enjoying democracy and freedom resulting in more political awareness, desire for change and marching on the path of freedom struggle. This is why we need to understand that this election is a big test for the exile Tibetan community in general and particularly to measure their political maturity and collective thoughts.

In spite of all these, if a conservative, orthodox and a foot-dragging prime minister is elected then it will be tantamount to dumping off the heartfelt hope placed by the Tibetans inside Tibet on the political maturity and democratic culture of the exile Tibetans. It will also signal an end to the hope and trust placed by Tibetans individually and collectively on the exile Government and the international community at large.