Sunday, 31 March 2013

Dear folks of the snow land wandering all over the world,

For a long time I have this terribly headache. Only today I learned from my celestial physician that this has been caused by a few pesky people living amongst our folks in exile; by their conniving minds and watching too much of their flirty moves dancing to the tunes coming from behind the thick walls of the Gate of Heavenly Peace.

I have tried all kinds of medications, including drinking my own urine in the morning, applying a mixture of cow dung and caterpillar fungus on my forehead, standing naked in the middle of road  and even flying red-coloured prayer flags atop my rented room. Nothing worked.

Only when my celestial doctor told me at 8 this morning the cause of my long splitting headache, the pain has suddenly subsided. This made me realize that an apple day does not keep the doctor away. But knowing the rotten apples certainly does.

If you are having headache, stiff shoulder, heartache or your eardrums are at the point of bursting out because of non-stop bombardment of profane counterfactual bullshits or even nice-sounding notes using the Precious One's name or quoting him, let me know and I will guide you to my celestial doctor. He is really good. The only issue is his temper.

When he correctly diagnosed the cause of my headache this morning, he gave me a long lecture quoting Marquez, Trungpa and others. He must read a lot. “These people are confused donkeys fooled red ants, charlatan, swindlers and bloody bilkers. They are like parasites that transform the host, change form and continue to thrive,” he fumed. I think he was paraphrasing Murakami.

Some of them  are clever. They use democracy to find civil channels to filter their dirty plots. Some of them give themselves grand-sounding names and others write under nice identifies such as a bird or a name of a day and even claiming to be reincarnations.

‘Do you think you can buy my teachings with deception?’ Naropa once asked.

Let me ask you now:

Would you let these pesky people to buy up your legitimacy?

How can you let these little wretched stick onto you and suck your blood until you lose your strength to be who you are?

Do you want to be fooled by these fools?

What is the point of having knowledge if you don’t use it to chart your path?

Can you spit on their faces and cast them away like dirty water down your drain?

Do you know how these blasted buffoons get around our system with ease and poise?

Ahh! I am asking too many questions. I better stop or my blasters will never end.

I conclude with something that I wrote centuries ago:
Sinners hate the devouts, 
The rich hate spendthrifts, 
Wives hate mistresses ...

The impotent man has little imagination, 
Bastards have little virtue...

Yours truly,
Drukpa Kunley

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