Thursday, 29 September 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that this man is
A half-backed nut flew off
From a disused frying pen,
A black pebble shot forth
From an un-owned sling,
A broken eggshell
Fallen off from an abandoned nest.
He is equipped with claws
Horns, tails, hoofs and hunger.
He is an anti-anti-social element
Constantly throwing up words
Into the degradable social garbage.

This is to certify that his twisted mind
Sees vulture picking on his eyeballs
Dead donkeys smiling with absolute satisfaction
A woman dragging her husband with a single strand of hair
And a headless man digging nine layers of holes singing
‘From the ashes of bombed words
May arise a future planted on an open book.’

This is to further certify that this man
Is indeed a white crow with a black hat.
He may be a danger to himself
And all those who may touch and feel him.
Let everyone be warned that this character
Had to be released from our claws
Since we failed to control his contagious views
That has already infected some of our good brothers.
A day before he was let off, he scribbled –
‘I see a wingless vulture fly and
A five-legged rabbit dig through a boulder.
A dead man staring into the horizon
To count the stars winking at him.
A poet with a shovel in his hands
Digging for frozen earthworms
A monk who lost his robes says
‘Order is chaos. Chaos is order.’
To a five-star general who is being
Thrown into the nine-layered hole.
And a headless man ecstatically sings,
‘From the debris of hung-up hopes
May arise a future hooked on a pen.’

This is to conclude that this character has no place
In our harmonized, sanitised, categorised and advertised world.
Our suggestion – Shun him, pun him, mock him, dock him
And if possible banish him.


  1. Gud stuff indeed, i just landed on ur blog and found ur poems n posts to be really interesting.,..keep up the gud work...Can i have ur email id...

    Thanks n cheers.:)

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